Welcome to our Woodland Theatre. It's time to put on a show and play wildlife charades!

  1. Press only one of the buttons below to find out what animal you are, but don't tell anyone.
    Then using the tips, pretend to be the animal and see if anyone can guess what you are.

    Think of a wild animal, and without telling anyone what it is, pretend to be that animal and see if anyone can guess what it is!

    Here are a few examples to get you started:

    1 2 3 4 5 6
  2. Once you're done, pass the phone on to the next person for them to choose and let them know which number you picked.

    Once you're done, it's the next person's turn to have a go pretending to be a different animal.

  3. You can also think of your own animals once you've run out.

  4. Continue on the main path for the next QR code: Bat Roost



Photo by Sally Longstaff

Badgers are nocturnal (come out at night to search for food).

Tip: Snuffle around and make grunting noises.



Mammoths lived a very long time ago and fossils of them have been found here at College Lake!

Tip: Pretend to be large and use your arms as a trunk.


Honey Bee

Photo by Michael Iseard

Honey bees are really important as they pollinate flowers.

Tip: Make buzzing noises and flap your arms really fast like wings.



Photo by Tomi Tapio K

Hedgehogs use their spikes (or spines) as protection.

Tip: Roll up in a ball and snuffle around for food.


Common Frog

Photo by Richard Bartz

Frogs mainly only come to ponds to lay eggs and spend most of their time away from water.

Tip: Hop around on all fours and make ribbit noises.



Photo by Andy Rogers

Squirrels use their tails for balance as they climb through trees.

Tip: Crouch down and use your hands to pretend to eat pinecones and nuts.