Have a seat on one of the benches in the semi-circle. Let's see how many different sounds you can hear in 30 seconds.

When you're ready press the button below, then close your eyes.

When you're ready set your watch, then close your eyes.
(If you don't have a watch don't worry just have someone counting in their head, or just guess!)


Press to start

  1. Many of the sounds you can hear are natural - bird singing, wind blowing and leaves rustling.

    You may have also heard man made sounds - trains roaring on the tracks or traffic on the road.

  2. We have many birds that sing in our woodland. You probably heard a few of them, check by playing the recordings below:Do you know any of the birds you heard? If so you can tell someone in the Visitor Centre.

    Collared Dove


    Blue Tit


  3. Birds sing as a way of talking to each other, either to call a mate, or to warn of threats.

  4. Continue along the right hand path, taking a right at the fork, to the next QR code: Beech Tree