Welcome to the Bat Roost

Soprano Pipistrelle found at College Lake
  1. The loft above is a place for bats to sleep in during the day.
    Do you know the special name for an animal that sleeps in the day and is awake at night?

  2. Adults can't normally hear bats, although children sometimes can.
    Using special bat detectors we are able to hear and record bat sounds.

    Press the play buttons below to hear some examples of the bats we have at College Lake.


    Soprano Pipistrelle


  3. Look at the wall on the outside of the bat roost. Can you see the scratch marks near the top?
    We made these to help the bats climb into the loft.

    The gap above these marks is where the bats can climb in. This gives you an idea of how small they are!

  4. Nearby is our Bird Feeders, where you'll find the next QR code.



In the wild, bats sleep during the day in hollow trees and caves. At night time, they come out to feed on insects.